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That Is Why It Must Be You!

Ok, y'all.  

Watch this clip

Then we'll get started.  I'll wait...  All done?  No?  Ok...  Ready?  Cool.  Let's go.  "Maximus, that is why it must be you!"  That's a powerful scene.  Imagine if you were General Maximus.  You haven't been home to see your family in years.  You're weary and worn.  You're also sworn to duty.  To honor and defend.  You've also got the ear of the most powerful man in the world.  Trade-offs.  There's some lessons in that phrase alone.  Hmmm...  We'll get to those, but for now, I want you to focus on what Marcus Aurelius says to Maximus after Maximus tells him that he does not accept Caesar's charge of becoming the protector of Rome after he dies.  He says, "Maximus.  That is why it


be you!"

That is why it must be you.

Just like Maximus, you've been charged.  You've got a charge to keep.  Whether you know it or not, you do.  See, you think no one wants to hear you.  False!  Not only do they want to hear you, but they also 


to hear you.  You think, "Well, everything's been said."  Maybe.  But know this.  Your message is unique because it's yours and it's coming from


.  And there's not a single other person on this planet that can bring that message across like you.  There's a group of folk you've been called to that need your message.  They need


That is why it must be you!

You think you don't have a voice.  Wrong!  It may have been squelched.  It may have been on pause.  Maybe for years.  But I assure you, dear reader,

you have a voice

.  It needs to be heard.  Your unique and special voice.  Called and sent for a specific group of folk.

That is why it must be you.

You think it's over.  


told you it was.  You know


That stuff.  Those things.  Them folk.  Flag on the play!  It ain't over, maaaaan!  It's only just begun.  Yes, I just went all

Karen Carpenter

on y'all!  It's only over when you quit.  As long as you're here, you've got a shot.  At whatever it is.  You hear me?!  

You've got a shot!

That is why it must be you!

You still have a lil' belief left.  A lil' faith.  It might even be the size of a

mustard seed

.  Come close.  I've got a secret to tell you.  Closer.  Closer.  Can you hear me?  Are you listening?  Good.  All you need is a lil' faith to spark a blaze!  To spark the fire that burns within you.  To ignite the night with your passion.

That is why it must be you!

You've been told that you can't.  Why?  Because


couldn't?  Because


wouldn't?  Because


can't?  Chil' please!  Later for them.  You need to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction from them folk!  Here's the thing:

You can!

 Can what?  Can whatever!  Sure, you'll need some help.  You'll ask for it.  You'll get it.  You'll have to get a few


, but you're ready, willing, and able to put in the work.  You're hungry!  

Baby, you've got what it takes


That is why it must be you!

You've been told that you'll never be anything.  That's cool.  Folk are entitled to their opinions.  No matter how


they are.  Don't you fight those tears.  Let 'em flow.  Let 'em fuel you.  That statement is a lie!  You'll be and become exactly who you're destined to be.  It's already in you.  Growing up, I'd see these posters that said, "I know I'm somebody, 'cause God don't make no junk!"  That's what I'm saying to you today.  You


something and somebody, 'cause God don't make no junk.

That is why it must be you!

You've been told that nothing good comes from (insert your city, town, school, neighborhood, family name here).  Funny.  I seem to remember

something similar

being said before.  That seemed to turn out pretty well.  And it will for you too.

That is why it must be you!

You've been called a failure.  To that I say two things.  The first is something we'd say as kids.  "Takes one to know one and I know you."  The second thing is this.  You are a failure.  Yep.  I said it.  'Cause you're about to

Fail Ur

way to victory!

That is why it must be you!

I don't know where you are.  I don't know why you're reading this.  I don't know how you


upon my blog.

I don't know what's going on in your life.  I probably don't even know you.  And none of it matters.  Here's what does matter.  I know there's more for you.  I know there's more in you.  I know that you've been called to do great things!  I know there's greatness in you!  I know that it's time for what you've got to shine!  I know that it's time for you to

move on up

like George and Weezie!  I know that it's time for you to


!  I know that you were made for this!  I know that you are built for this!

That is why it must be you!

I believe in you!  I know that you're ready to

get in the car

.  As the fire burns away the dross.  As the cleansing and healing rain washes away the miry clay.  As you strut past death and dead bones.  As you ascend unto and beyond the heights that you thought were impossible.  As you take your throne and restore your kingdom.  As you breathe new life.  I need you to know something.  You need to know that

it is time


That is why it must be you!

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