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Headless Chickens - Part 1

I know half of y'all passed out just from reading the title.  Some of you were hoping and praying that I wouldn't have a gruesome picture of a headless chicken in this post.  See, the pic is nice and chill.  Nothing crazy.  I wouldn't do that to y'all.  But let me tell you about the process.  First, you...  Huh?  Y'all don't want to know?  Chickens!  You're all chickens!  I'm kidding, y'all.  But the question is, is that a pic of you?  And if it is, is that how you operate?  If so, you're in trouble and you've got to make some changes.  Fast!

I spent many years in Corporate America watching folk--many of whom called themselves leaders and were looked upon in that way by folk around them--run around like the chicken in the above pic.  Why were they called and viewed as being leaders?  Great question.  That's what I used to ask myself.  Because I noticed something about these folk.  These headless chickens: They rarely accomplished anything at all, let alone anything of substance.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I reckon they got their exercise in for the day.  But then, wasn't it all for naught (Side note: I just tried to make for naught into one word. Hilarious stuff!), because they're stress levels were so high?  Smh.  See, I can do that (Shake My Head), because I still have my head.

So what's the other side of that?  What are you if you're not a headless chicken?  What are you?  How do you handle being a guess what?  Gotcha!  99.9999982% of you said to yourselves, "Chicken Butt!"  C'mon.  Admit it.  You did it and you're still smiling and laughing.  Good.  You need to smile and laugh.  A lot.  But let's get back to those questions.  What do you do or what are you if you're not a headless chicken?  Maybe you're the calming influence or presence that's needed.  If you know me, you know that I'm pretty laid back most of the time.  I tend to stay fairly even.  I gotta tell you.  That frustrates headless chickens to no end!  They lose their...  Oh, I guess they can't lose their minds since they've already got dead heads.  Now, see.  Some of you just started singing you're favorite Grateful Dead song.  I can hear y'all.  You're saying, "Eric, man I'm jammin' and rockin' out over here!  Keep the music comin', bud!"  No worries there.  My students will tell you that I tend to work in lots of songs when I'm teaching.  I can't help it.  I love music, y'all!  Lots of lessons in songs and they make for great teaching topics and provide great assistance when teaching.  But we'll rock on and out in other posts.  I promise.  Let's get back to these headless chickens.  

If you're not a headless chicken, are you a headed chicken?  Nope.  You're a leader.  You may not want to be.  You may not think you are.  But you're a leader.  Peep this.  Take a stroll back down memory lane (Sorry, y'all.  I couldn't resist.).  Think back on those times when the headless chickens were running all around you.  Wings flailing.  Running around with no direction and no destination, because there was nothing guiding them.  Ask yourselves this.  Headless chickens got much of the attention, but when folk really needed guidance, wisdom, and direction about things, who did they come to?  Yep.  It was you.  You never thought much about it, did you?  Well, now's the time to do so.  Because you were that calming, clear-minded influence that people needed.  I know.  I know.  Lo, these many years, The Headless Chickens had you believing that you weren't doing enough.  Well, they were and are wrong!  So what's a person who's kept and still keeps her or his head in place to do?  Great question.

The first thing you can do is...  Tune in next week to find out.  Now, don't be like that, y'all.  I'll be back.  I promise.  Until then...  Be E-Z.  Be Blessed.  Be A Blessing.  Peace.  

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