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You're A Bad Landlord!

If the title of this post sounds like an indictment, that's good.  Because it is.  Some of you are terrible landlords!  And if you aren't a bad landlord now, I guarantee that you have been in the past.  I can hear you now.  "Eric, you've lost it this time, buddy!  I've never rented an apartment or home to anyone!  So there, fella!"  Ok, so maybe you haven't rented a dwelling to anyone, but riddle me this.  When they said those mean and nasty things about you, how long did you let that stuff run around in your mind?   How long did you have their awful song on repeat on the music player of your mind?  When that cruelty was thrust upon you and it absolutely crushed your feelings, how long did you carry that hurt with you?  And finally, when the thing was said that made you super angry, how long did you hold on to that anger?  Uh huh.  Are those crickets I hear?  Bad.  Landlord.

How's that make you a bad landlord?  Simple.  You allowed that stuff, those things, them folk to rent space in your head.  Some of you remember how Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone, former NBA greats, would battle whenever their teams met.  Dennis was always able to get inside of Karl Malone's head.  He'd give him fits!  He'd tangle up with him.  Trip him.  Head-butt him.  The refs would call fouls on Malone, because he'd allow Rodman to frustrate him.  He'd get caught shoving Rodman.  I know.  Some of you think Rodman was a dirty player.  Some of you think Malone was a dirty player.  That's a debate for a different time.  We can meet for wings and discuss it.  Let's get back to the point.  You were or are like Karl Malone.  You let the stuff they said or did get in your head.  You let it aggravate you to the point where'd you'd get caught committing fouls.  No calls in your favor.  And on the off chance that they weren't renting space in your head, your place was still occupied.  With what?  I'm glad you asked.  Your own negative thoughts.  Your own self-defeating prophecies.  Your own belittling and degrading words.  "I'm stupid."  "I deserved it."  "I'm nothing."  "I'm ugly."  "I'm fat."  "I'm skinny."  "I'll never make it."  "I'm too old."   "I'm too young."  "Why amgoing back to school?"  "They're right.  My business will fail."  Your lists could go on for months.  There's at least one problem with all of that.  It's ALL lies.

Those aren't your words about yourself.  "Huh?  Eric, what are you saying?  I mean, those things are kind of true.  It was my fault.  I guess."  Even if you did screw things up, the end of the world did not occur.  Correct it.  Make amends and keep steppin'.  "But Eric, it's not that simple."  I know.  Peep this.  It is that simple.  All you need to do is change the frequency of the station you're listening to.  See, right now you're listening to WDVL.  That's Satan's station.  Yes, I said it.  Satan.  The enemy of your souls and mine.  Even if you don't believe he's real and that he's your enemy, he is.  As I tell folk, "Just because you don't believe something doesn't make it any less true."  You've been acutely tuned to his station for weeks.  Months.  Dare I say years?  I dare, because I know you have.  I know I was.  Tuned in to his frequency, that is.  Like some of you, I had his station on lock!  It was on my Favorites list!  I was jammin'!  All day.  Every day.  Until Jesus Christ set me free.  Yes, I just said that too.  Jesus Christ.  I tuned in to His station, W1JC!  More details on that in other posts.  Friends, it's Satan who hurling and railing accusations at you.  It's him who's lying to you about your self-worth and value and how much  God loves you.  Yes, I said it.  God.  Loves.  You.  And there's nothing you can do about it.  However, there's much you can do about Satan's lies.  Like what?  I'm glad you asked.

I know you're wondering, "Eric, I don't know about all this Satan jazz.  And God loves me?  I guess.  I just need to know how do I get the song that's on repeat to stop playing in my head?"  It's cool.  Stay with me.  I'm going somewhere.  You get the song to stop playing by shutting off the radio, music player, cd, 8-track, cassette tape, reel-to-reel, audio file, or whatever is your listening to.  You shut it off.  And destroy it.  You evict those things, that stuff, them folk.  For good.  Forever.  Just like in the pic at the top of this post.  For those of you who are followers of Jesus Christ, you know the deal.  Speak life.  You can only do that if you know what God says about you.  If you know who God says you are.  You can only do that if you stay fed up on God's word.  If you're not a follower of Jesus Christ, you might want to get to know Him.  He's pretty cool.  No, really.   He is.  Why not give Him a try?  No, I mean a real try.  I'm talkin' ALL IN.  You've already tried soooo many other things that didn't work.  Things that left you feeling broken, hurt, frustrated, angry, and alone.  Why not try Jesus?  No?  Ok, think on this tidbit and I'll leave you alone about it.  At least for now.  Got kids?  Know any?  Of course you do.  Ask yourselves if any of the kids that you know like being around anyone who's not fun?  Around anyone who they don't feel any love or warmth from?  We all know the answer to that.  No, they don't.  So, peep this.  The bible says parents brought their kids to him.  Now, ask yourselves this.  What parent in their right mind would bring their children to anyone they thought would do them any harm?  Just something to think about.

Ok.  So now, you've got your marching orders.  You've got the Eviction Papers ready to post on the door of the space that you've been renting to folk.  You're armed.  You've got truth.  You're going to find out who God says you are.  Because you're going to search the scriptures.  You're going to Speak Life.  You are going to exercise your power over the REAL Estate.  That precious piece of property between your ears.  You're going to stop allowing that stuff, those things, and them folk to rent, sublet, lease, board, put up, take shelter in, hang their hats, occupy, and chill, in the REAL Estate.  So, toss out and give the boot to Mr./Ms. Doubt, Mr./Ms. Fear, Mr./Ms. It's Too Late for Me, Mr./Ms. I'm Not Good Enough or any of the other no-rent payin', space-eatin', rude, disrespectful, freeloadin' chumps!  Put them and that mess out on the curb!  You're no longer a slumlord.  You're no longer a Bad Landlord.  Your new and permanent tenants are the best!  You are The World's Greatest Landlord!  You've even got the sign to prove it.


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