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Who Are You Sleeping With?

You wake up and roll over and you give them a kiss.  Don't you just love 'em?  They've done so much for you.  They've kept you going when times got tough.  They've made things seem new again.  They've inspired you.  And its all been a lie.  A fallacy.  You've been hoodwinked.  Bamboozled.  Run amok.  You've been sleeping with them for years.  How could this be?  You've been loyal.  Faithful.  But wait.  They just told you that this is your fault.  Your fault?  Your fault?!  Now you're incredulous.  After all you've done for them.  You caressed them.  You've held them.  You've talked to them when no one else would.  You've laughed and smiled with them.  Cried with them.  And now this?  This is what you get?  Yep.  This is what you get and it's your fault.  Yes, your fault.  Why?  Because you've been sleeping with them without any commitment.

Isn't that how it works?  You meet them.  You share common interests.  They inspire you.  They get you.  Where have they been your whole life?!  Finally, they're here and you're ready to give your life to and for them.  You're ready to give away all of your good stuff to them.  For free.  Here.  Take it.  It's all yours.  After all, they love you and you love them.  Well, at least you think they love you.  I mean, they're here so they must love you.  Right?  They wouldn't have come into your life if this wasn't right.  This day.  This minute.  Right now.

You saw them from a distance and thought they were ohhhh soooo fine!  You couldn't wait to get to know them.  There was no shame in your game!  You saw them and you had to have them.  You were going to do everything in your power to get them.  Nothing and no one could stop you.  After all, you could feel it.  It was destiny.  It was meant to be.  This is right.  They're right.  Just for me.  Until they weren't.  Things were good at first.  At least, that's what you told yourself.  You kind of thought things were a little tough.  Uneasy.  Your conversations were different.  They weren't as engaging as they used to be.  Their words no longer spoke to you as they once did.  Was it something you said?  Maybe it was that thing you did.  Maybe this was never going to be anything more than it was.  Casual.  You'd hang out now and again.  Hold each other close.  You'd have a good time.  A hookup in every sense of the word.  Is that what you really wanted?  A hookup?  A wham, bam thank you ma'am?  A whir, blur thank you sir?  Is that it?  Weren't you worth more?  Didn't you deserve more?  Of course you did.  But where did you go wrong?  Where did things go wrong?  You've given your all to them.  You thought y'all were on the same team.  This was your soulmate for crying out loud!  The one.  So, what happened?

You gave in too soon.  You saw this shiny new thing and you were smitten.  You didn't take the time to dig deeper to see if they were really it.  You just dove in sight unseen.  No exploration.  No waiting.  "Here, you can have it all," you said.  They created distance between the two of you, but you would have none of that!  Come closer was your command.  Every time they'd get away--which wasn't very long or far thanks to you--you snatched them right back to your side.  Didn't you know they were meant to fly?  To soar?  Of course, you knew.  You just didn't care.

So, what happened?  Why are you here now?  In this place.  This day.  This minute.  Right now.  Alone.  They're gone.  Nowhere to be found.  But why?

Because you stopped chasing them: Your Dreams.

Stop sleeping with them.  Chase them.  Set them afar off.  Chase them.  Allow them to soar and you will soar with them.  Chase them.  In the name of all things Steve Urkel, Chase Them.

Chase your dreams.
Eric WattsComment