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I Resign

Finally, I'm going to a place where all of my gifts, talents, abilities, education and experiences will be utilized.  My new employer has been after me for a long time.  In truth, they've wanted me for years, but I wasn't ready.  They offered me far more than I deserved, but I continued to thumb my nose at it.  They said they appreciate the refining that I've gone through here, because its made me the man I am today.  They said, now they can use someone like me, because the rough edges are gone.  They promised to keep working with me.  To help make me better. For other people, that is.  The fire inside of me still burns, they said, but it knows when to ignite into a raging blaze and when to remain a calming, warming, reassuring campfire. 

They also said something about knowing why.  That is, now I know my why.  I know why I'm here now.  Why I'm ready and able to join their firm.  I had no idea they were watching me as closely as they were.  It really surprised me. 

They said they saw my struggles with perfectionism and other things.  They were impressed by my drive, passion and work ethic, but they knew that it, my perfectionist manner, would dog me if I didn't rid myself of it.  So, they sent a few things my way to help loosen me up.  When they told me this, I started to get a bit scared.  Until they started to explain. 

They told me that at my previous employers, there were folk who knew me.  Some spoke well of me, but others did not.  With that comment, I hung my head low.  They said, "Pick your head up.  That's not a bad thing."  They said, "Although we take all things into account, we don't hold any of those things to your charge.  We look at the full you.  The complete you.  We see if and what you learned from those hard places and times.  We must admit.  Your hard places were doubly as hard, because you were quite hard-headed."  I smiled.

They said, "We know about the people you helped and those you tried to help."  I said, "Man, you guys are thorough.  They said, "We have to be.  This is no ordinary place to work or work to do."  When I tell you that they call your references, y'all, believe me.  They said, "We knew the day that you were ready to get in the car."  I said, "You know, I never thought the day would come."  And I didn't.  Ever.  Never.

Nevertheless, here it is.  They said, "We're glad to have you.  We're going to do amazingly, incredible work together.  Trust us."  I said, "Ok, great.  I do.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Its been a long time coming."  They said, "Yes, son. We know.  We're glad you're finally ready.  We need good men and women like you."  I replied, "Thank you for your kind words.  I'm honored to be working here.  By the way.  What should I call this place?"  They looked at me and smiled and said, "Grace Outwardly Displayed, Inc."
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