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Be Encouraged

There are tons of "voices" to listen to.  Internet.  TV.  Radio.  Family.  Coworkers.  Even VoiceOvers!  No, I'm not going to talk about voiceover, voiceover demos or even singing voices in this introductory post.  But if you're interested in voiceovers, you can check those out too.  Just go to www.wordtalkvo.com.  Now, let's get back to the point.  I'm speaking of the voices around us and the ones in our heads.  Some of the voices offer sage advice, wisdom, and encouragement.  Others offer harsh and hurtful critique and they seek to tear us down.  To those voices we say: BE GONE!

This blog?  It's my blog and my sincere hope is that through it, you're uplifted, encouraged, inspired, and excited to carry on in spite of your circumstances.  In spite of what it looks like.  My hope is that you find a lil' bit of something here that helps you to Press On like Lee Nails!

Thanks for stopping by.  Remember, Be Encouraged and Be An Encourager!


Eric J. Watts
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