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In-Person Leadership Training In Columbus, Ohio
I Would Have Fired Myself

I had to get over myself if I was going to have any success. Not just then, but now, too. I had to check myself. I have to do that at times now, too. I had to allow others in so they could help me grow and mature. 

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Increase Your Impact

To increase your impact, find out what people need and meet their need.

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Business Is Growing By The Day

I had to speak this reality into existence. I had to listen and obey the Lord as I was building the business he'd made me steward over. Therefore, I did. 

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1BR 1BA Hunger

At times, I've lost that hunger. You know how it goes. You make a little money. You're able to buy more stuff that you don't need. You're able to do more things for the folk you love and for yourself. But you lose some of your hunger.

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They Only Want What You've Got - Part 2

Their eyes glaze over and they can't wait to get away from you, because they want no part of what you're sharing. 

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