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Monday Motivation: Hello Fear

This Monday, I want you to say what's up to someone you know well. Say hello to Fear. Your old friend. Say it with me, "Heeeeeyyyy, Fear. How you doin? How yo mama nem doin?" 

Now, it's time to say goodbye to fear. Say it with me, "Good riddance, fear! You big headed, lying, stealing, cheating, peace-destroying, thought life-manipulating, no good dirty, sucka!" Man, you really told fear off! 

That's how you have to talk to fear. You've got to serve fear an eviction notice or three.  

Then give the deed and title to confidence, courage, peace, faith, trust, belief, hard work, prosperity, passion and purpose. 

That's your mission on this Motivation Monday.  

Speaking Life Into Your Existence,











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