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Wednesday Wisdom: Are You Listening?

Wisdom speaks. Are you listening? When someone who is wiser than you is sharing pearls of wisdom, do you listen to them? Often, we think we have things all figured out. Therefore, we turn a deaf ear to wisdom. This can lead to critical mistakes. 

How do you identify wisdom? This one's easy. A person who is wise has at least 2 distinguishing characteristics: scars and success. It would seem to be that those 2 things are the real odd couple. Not so fast, my friend!   

The wise person will most certainly have success. Potentially, many of them. They'll also have the scars to show for it. What? You thought success comes without pain? Nope. It doesn't. You don't have to take my word for it. Ask wise leaders in your family. On your job. In your town or city. 

They'll be glad to show you their scars.  

You probably even have a few scars of your own. Here's the thing though. The wiser you become, the fewer new scars you'll get. When your wisdom increases, your propensity to do stupid things decreases. When your wisdom increases, you listen more to folk who have great wisdom. 

Once you grow tired of getting all scratched up and scarred up, you tend to use your ears a bit more.

You've got two ears and one mouth. If you want to be wise, you should listen more than you talk. Especially to wise folk with scars of success. Shoot, look at your own scars. I bet they've got some great stories to tell.

Are you listening?  

Speaking Life Into Your Existence™,