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3 Reasons To Get Excited About Your Small Audience!

When you first got started in business, your audience (or following), that is, the folk who you were able to reach and had influence over, was probably small. If not, that's great for you! Just know that that's not normal. Be grateful and thankful for that. For most us, we  had small audiences, because our reach was small. People didn't know our names let alone the quality of our work. Sometimes, that would frustrate me. It still does at times now, because my audience is still growing. Nevertheless, I'm thankful for the very small audience I had when I first started. Here's a few reasons why I am and why you should be thankful if you have a small audience.

Get Good First. When you do anything for the firs time, it's usually not very good. I look back at my first videos and blogs, for example, and they've got 1 thing in common: They're not very good. But because I've put the work in and continue to do so, I've gotten better. While your audience or following is small, one of your primary jobs is to get good. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. Fine tune your skills. Tighten them up. Get good first. So when it's time for you to blow up like nitro, you will be well prepared for your audience. 

Mo' Grace. No, that's not the name of a new Christian song. There'd have to be water involved. Be thankful for your small following, because they're more likely to show you a bit mo' grace than if you had a big audience. They'll be more patient with you. They might even be more kind towards you. You know what else? You've got the chance to really grow with some great help from your small following. You can receive direct feedback from them. Even in that, there's mo' grace. Once your audience grows and you're more well known by a larger group of people, chances are many of them will show you less grace. Their logic goes like this: Mr. / Ms. Speaker / Coach / Insert Your Job Here, you should have your stuff together by now! And they're right. So for now, embrace your small audience and thank 'em for mo' grace. 

Low Expectations. No, this ain't about dissin' yourself or not believing in yourself. Your small audience will believe in you. They'll also probably have low expectations. This is part of why you practice, practice, practice to get good. You should be on fire for your small audience just as if you were doing your thang in a sold out stadium! This is called over delivering. If you over deliver every chance you get to speak, coach, teach, or do what you do, I guarantee that your audience will grow. Now, don't take advantage of what may be low expectations and half-step into this thing. Give it your all!

Bonus Reason #1: Learning. You get to learn sooooo much about who your audience is and watch this. You get to learn soooo much about who really is your audience, and where they are, and what they do, and what they like. You also get to learn about what you're doing right, wrong, good, and well.

You learn about which products work for who and why. You get to learn how to tweak your products or services without the world watching you. You get to learn more about what you do so you can get better at explaining it to folk and actually doing it. Learn lots as your audience is small.

Bonus Reason #2: It's temporary. Your small audience is temporary. Especially if you put the work in to getting good and learning all you can. If you'll commit to the hard work and the smart work, your audience will grow. If you're committed to being you and not trying to be anyone else, your small audience will grow. If you'll commit to receiving honest feedback from clients and folk you trust, your audience will grow.

If you'll commit to taking risks, your audience will grow. If you remain humble, your audience will grow. If you'll ask for help and more than that, if you'll help other folk, your audience will grow. If you've got a small audience, it's temporary. It is poised to grow if you do the things I just mentioned and more. 

If you've got a small audience, embrace them. Because you're winning! Right now, you may saying, "Eric, I hate having a small audience." I get it. But you know what's worse than having a small audience: Having NO audience. 

Stay excited about your small audience!

As always, I want to hear from you! Your comments help me and other people, too. Leave a comment and share some of the reasons you were or are excited about your small audience.

Speaking Life Into Your Existence™,