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Business Is Growing By The Day

This was my response when folk asked me how business was going. It still is. The difference between then and now? Back then, I had no business. That is, no consistently paying business or clients. Part of that was me not knowing what I was doing. The other part was not having a full understanding of my calling. 

I still don't know what I'm doing at times, but I ask so many doggone questions of those who do, it doesn't take me long to figure it out. Once I get it, I apply and repeat. I don't try to reinvent the wheel, either. That's one of the best lessons I've learned from mentors and seasoned business owners. It's what keeps business growing by the day.

By the way, when I said this, I wasn't just speaking it. I believed it. Deep inside of me. I was also working hard--even when I didn't know exactly what I was doing--to make it happen. I had faith. But if I wasn't working towards my growth, dreams, and goals, my faith would have been half-baked.

Business is growing by the day. 

I had to speak this reality into existence. I had to listen and obey the Lord as I was building the business he'd made me steward over. Therefore, I did. 

You've got to choose how you're going to reply when folk ask you this question or a similar one. Even if things ain't going the way you need them to and they are wack, speak what you desire to see. And believe it. And Trust God. Speak Life!

That's what I did when I had webinars and other events and no one showed up. Speak Life!

Now when folk ask me, "How's business going?" I say the same thing I said back when there was no business, but with a little twist: Business Is Growing More By The Day. 

Hit me with some comments and let me know how you speak life over your situations and circumstances.

Speaking Life Into Your Existence™,