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Fun and Increased Knowledge

Learning can be fun. In fact, learning is fun. It's great to acquire knowledge and then share it with others. That's what good leaders do. 

As a part of my birthday this weekend, thanks to my wonderful wife, I participated in falconry, which is in part, the keeping and training of birds such as falcons, hawks, etc.

It was a blast! I love birds and to have the chance to learn from an expert about the sport made it even better. Joe, our guide, made the learning fun. How? He's LOVES what he does. It's more than just passing along information for him. It's about educating folk in a fun, engaging, and informative way. 

What do you love to do? If you're operating in your passion, you should love what you do. Even on the days you're not particularly fond of it or the things happening around it, you probably still love it. 

If you love what you do, it should be fun to you. You should seek to increase your knowledge on a daily (Yes, I said daily) basis. 

Loving what you do should have at least these 2 elements with it: 

1. It should be so much fun that people are attracted to you as a result of hearing you talk about and/or seeing you do it.

2. Your daily pursuit of knowledge and deeper understanding in your field of expertise so you can share it with others. To help others grow.

Your mission should you choose to accept it: Start having fun while you're increasing your knowledge.  

Speaking Life Into Your Existence™,