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The Spotlight

The spotlight. Some of us crave it. Others of us run from it. Still more of us are obsessed with it. Perhaps, it's the time that we live in. We can become insta-famous in an instant. 

If you want to be insta-famous, that's insta-cool with me. Have at it.

I challenge you, though, to do some insta-serving instead. 

No, serving others in a selfless manner will not get you the spotlight. You won't go viral. You won't even go slightly contagious. What you will do is help other people.

I know. That's not sexy or flashy or glamorous. And it certainly doesn't make you anyone to keep up with. And if those things are your goals, over time, you're going to feel emptier and emptier.

But when you serve others, over time, you'll feel more fulfilled. I don't just promise it. I guarantee it. 

Instead of seeking the spotlight, why not shine your light on others who really could use your help. That will light up more than just one spot. That will light up a life.

Speaking Life Into Your Existence™,