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Get Excited!

If you don't wake up excited to get to work every day, uh oh. You're in trouble. Not with me. But with future-you. Your future self is going to be boiling mad at you! Why? Because present-you, today-you, isn't doing anything to work toward and build his / her dreams.

I mean, y'all have talked about it, but you haven't done a thing. Well, you've made excuses about why now isn't the right time. So I guess that's something. Oh, and you've said everyone's already doing what you do anyway, so why bother. You also said that you didn't have the money to get started. Although, it doesn't take money to plan, begin building relationships, or do research. But, ok. 

That's exactly why future-you is going to be uuuuupset with today-you. 

You get up erry day and drag yourself to a place--even if it's your own business--that you can't stand. Yet, you don't do anything to change your circumstances. Just so you know, your indecision is killing you. So do something! Make a move!

Start doing something that excites you every time you think about it. Something that you look forward to doing erry day! Future-you will thank, um, you. You know what I mean.

Get up! Get moving! Get excited! Get to work!

Speaking Life Into Your Existence™