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I Would Have Fired Myself

Not now. Back in the day. I'd have fired myself. If I was my manager(s) back then, I'd have surely fired Eric J. Watts. Seriously, man. He, I mean, I was a trip. I'd bug out on someone at the drop of a hat. I did everything but mind my own business.

In one example, I wanted to leave early from my job, because my tasks were finished around 4-4.30. I asked my supervisor about this repeatedly, but she always said no. One day in a team meeting, she announced in a team meeting that one of my teammates was going to be leaving early. Right around 4-4.30. I. Blew. A. Gasket. 

I know, sounds just like me. No? That's because you know me now. Needless to say, I embarrassed myself. I know this now, but back then. Nope. I was simply standing up for my rights. Even though I was wrong. 

If your attitude sucks on a regular basis like mine did, because you can't have your way, let me help you: Get over yourself. 

Oh and let me add this: Check yourself.

It ain't your world no more than it was mine. I had to get over myself if I was going to have any success. Not just then, but now, too. I had to check myself. I have to do that at times now, too. Lastly, I had to allow others in so they could help me grow and mature. 

Bad attitudes will sink your team. They'll certainly sink your career or any other plans you have for your life. Take it from an expert.

Fortunately, with the help of others who were brutally honest with me and hard on me, I left all that mess behind. Cuz if not, I'd fire me now! I'm so thankful that they cared enough about me to help me. 

Because if it was left up to me? I would have fired myself.

Is there a point in your life / career you'd have fired yourself? Drop me a comment and let me know.

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Speaking Life Into Your Existence™,