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They Only Want What You've Got - Part 2

Yesterday, we determined that they only want what you've got. Today, in Part 2, we'll talk about how to make sure it goes deeper than that and how to make sure we maximize the time we give to Mr. / Ms. I. M. Hungry. Here's what you do... 

You tell them about all of the very late nights and way too early mornings. The two or three jobs at a time. About working your day job and then building your business at night. Or going to school at night after being at work all day. And bad negotiations that prohibited you from getting paid what you're worth or worse...not getting paid at all.

You tell them about the months in your business where you didn't generate any income. Where you had lots of leads, but no actual clients. The times when 1 or 2 folk or no one showed up to your events and webinars. The multiple times when you questioned if you were good enough (secretly, you still do, but you shouldn't). 

When you tell them all of that, that's when one of two things happens:

1. Their eyes glaze over and they can't wait to get away from you, because they want no part of what you're sharing. 

2. There are no dollar signs in their eyes. Instead, they keep asking you questions. Probing, in-depth questions. They're finally being fed and they can't eat what you're saying fast enough!

And that person, person number two, Mr. / Ms. I. M. Hungry, that's who you want to work with. Mentor. Coach. That's the person who's journey to the top you can and are willing to help cut short by sharing your best wisdom, tips, shortcuts, and secrets with them.

Because they really want it. They're going to work that thang until it don't move! You can see it.

If you've been following me for a while, you know my saying: Everybody ain't hungry. Some folk just wanna eat. That's person number 1 who I mentioned above. In fact, they don't even really want to eat. Even eating is too much work for them. They'd rather be fed! They don't want to do what you do. They just want what you've got. 

If they really wanted to do what you do, they'd have to do what you did to get what you've got. Get it? And they want no parts of that!

So from now on, when you come in contact with Mr. / Ms. I.M. Hungry or person number one (who I don't have a clever name for hahaha!), always be kind to them. Always. Just look and listen for the $ign$. You'll be able to tell very quickly who's hungry and who just came to eat.

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