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You're Sexy!

That's right. I'm talkin' to you, you sexy business owner, you!

How do I know you're sexy? Because you're a risk taker. And everyone knows risky is sexy. Risk sells. Risk is encouraging. Risk builds courage in others. Risk builds excitement! Risky is sexy, yo! And you're sexy! Here's how I know you're sexy.

You're a business owner who took the leap from your career into your calling. That's sexy! You did it when all of the odds--and a few people--were against you. That's sexy!

Or maybe you've always been a business owner and you've never worked for anyone other than your clients. Maybe you took the risky leap directly into the business world or your chosen profession and sexified that thang right on up! That's sexy!

All of my accountant friends are reading this saying, "Eric, you know what's sexy, bruh? Safety. Security. Having a plan. That's what's sexy, Mr. Man!" 

And they're right. Being risk averse is sexy. Yes, I just dissed them by calling them risk averse. Seriously though, they've got a point. There's much good to be said for being cautious, discerning, and making calculated risks. It just ain't all that sexy. 

Note: I know...Saving and being smart with your money, and avoiding financial risk is sexy. No emails about this, please :D

Back to the point. Even if you're not a business owner who risked it all to live your dream, you might still be sexy. Take this quick Am I Sexy quiz...

If you have risked your good name, your job/position/title, to stand up for someone else. Especially someone who could not stand up for themselves, you're sexy. 

If you risked your life fighting for this country, you're sexy.

If you fight for justice for the least of these, you're sexy.

If yo mama nem say you sexy...You are, umm...How can I put this delicately? Naw, dawg. You ain't sexy, maaaan! Mama's have to say that kind of stuff. 

My fellow business owners, I'm talking to you again. I need you to know that you're sexy. Even when you don't feel like it or look like it. Even when business is a little lean. Even when things ain't going your way. Even when you get a wack review from a hater. You is sexy. You is sexy. You. Is. Sexy. 

So go 'head with ya bad, sexy self! Do the stray cat strut today! Walk that risky, sexy walk with your sexy self!

Remember to take a risk today. Risky is sexy!

I only listed a few, but there a lots of risks you've taken (or will take) that make you sexy! Drop a quik note in the comments section below and share one with us!

Speaking Sexy Life Into Your Sexy Existence,

Sexy Eric James