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9 Secrets To Help You Conquer Chaos - Part 2

Part 2 of 3.

Purpose in Chaos. You've got to understand the purpose in chaos before you're able to move out of chaos. You've got to understand that chaos comes with a purpose. To conquer chaos, you must learn its purpose. 

Accountability. Keep your people accountable during chaos. Chaos has a way of making blame appear and accountability disappear. Resist the urge to hold hands with the blame monster. Conquer chaos by empowering your team and letting them know that you'll be holding them accountable. 

Focus on Strategy.  Keep your team together by focusing on strategy. Remind them of  why they're doing what they do. You've already established what you're strategy is. Work it. Move it. Do it. Conquer chaos by focusing on strategy. 

I'll cover the final 3 ways to conquer chaos in part 3 tomorrow. 

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