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Empty Chairs

I was a newly minted business owner.  I created my course for my hott new webinar. I marketed it on social media. I told folk about it at networking events. I blogged about it. I sent newsletters about it. I was ready. 

 And no one showed up. 

I was hurt. Frustrated. Angry. Disappointed. After all, I'd been at it for 3 months. And with all of my experience and tools, still, no one showed up. Of course they didn't. 

I didn't really know what I was doing. I didn't have an audience. I didn't really understand how to build a business, let alone an audience or a following. And yet, I expected magic to happen. 

I had a choice: move forward with my webinar or cancel it. I decided to move forward. For four weeks, I dialed into my conference call and I delivered hotness! I gave everything I had with no one attending or listening as though I had a stadium full of people in front of me and hanging on my every word! I delivered, y'all! 

When there are empty chairs in your meeting, deliver anyway. When there are empty chairs in your webinar, deliver anyway. When no one shows up, you show up anyway. And deliver. Because someone is always watching and listening. Don't be afraid of empty chairs. Fill them. With everything you've got. 

Speaking Life Into Your Existence,