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1BR 1BA Hunger

1 Bedroom. 1 Bath. In a one bedroom flat. That's where I used to live. It was a small apartment, but it was home to me. I didn't have much furniture. I didn't have much of anything, really. Except happiness and hunger. 

For a time in my life, I was much happier then than I am now and have been for some time. And when I lived in my 1BR 1BA apartment, I was hungry. No, not in the literal sense, but metaphorically speaking. I was hungry to build and advance my career. I was hungry for life and to do it big!

At times, I've lost that hunger. You know how it goes. You make a little money. You're able to buy more stuff that you don't need. You're able to do more things for the folk you love and for yourself. But you lose some of your hunger from your 1BR 1BA apartment days.

You've got to get it back. You've got to remember who you are. You've got to know Whose you are. You've got to remember what it is to be hungry. You've got to discover what it is that makes you hungry now, because it my be different than it was back in your 1BR 1BA days. 

If you're new to my blog, the old heads will tell you what I'm going to say next: Everybody ain't hungry. Some folk just wanna eat. 

What's your hungry place?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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