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Refurbished Open-Air Faith

In the movie Sing, after his theatre is destroyed, Buster Moon is having a grand reopening. It's an outdoor event. In the same spot as the old theatre. There's just a few things missing. A roof and walls.

Regardless of his interesting situation, Mr. Moon invites people to his event. Listen to how he introduces them to where they are: "Welcome to our refurbished open-air theatre."

He could have made excuses and whined and complained about how wack the theater was. He could have been negative about it all.

Instead, he chose to speak life about it.

You see, it's all in how we frame things.

So the next time you have the opportunity to diss something that you're working on or something you're dreaming of doing, change your confession.

Speak what you desire to see.

You're talking about your dream. Breathe life into it.

Whatever you give life to will breathe, bud, and blossom. From there, you must nurture, nourish, and cultivate it. Therefore, be intentional about what you breathe into it and say. Your breath is precious.

Your dream is, too. #startafire 

Speaking Life Into Your Existence™,