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Monthly Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word for May 2019

Monster May. It's going to be a monster month. BIG. Big in mercy, grace, and forgiveness. Big on joy. Big on peace and revelatory messages. May is a time to rest. May's mercy will give way to June's joy. May's mercy will last and stand the test of time.  May will shine like glory.  Glory will emanate from the heavens. May is a time to establish yourself in your jobs and in your planning. It's a time to establish yourself in your timing for what's to come. Have you not heard or seen the plans I have for you (Isaiah 64.4; Jer. 29.11)? May is the fulfillment of this time. In my time, it has already been established. Your time is coming. Haven't I told you this before?

Wait for Me. Trust me. I will not disappoint you (Rom. 5.5). I have set (established, standing appts.) appointments for you this month. I have set the mast head aright. The cornerstone is solid (Ephesians 2.19-20). Build your foundation there (Acts 4.11; 1 Cor. 3.11). Trust what you have seen in dreams (in April, and what's coming in May) even heading into June. For June will be filled with dreams.

The might of May will make men restless.   

A few notes...

Where we show mercy in the month of May will have lasting, eternal impacts. It will be challenging to show mercy in some places in May, but the Lord will be there to help us.