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Monthly Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word July 2019: FavorFULL and FlavorFULL

July will be my time of glory. I have come to make the glorious new. A renewed sense of glory in your life. Won't you see it? It will spring forth and bud (Isaiah 43.18-19). It will prosper where I send it. It will accomplish my will and plans on the earth (Isaiah 55.11). Get into agreement with it. Get on board with it.

It will be made manifest as you pray and receive it by faith (Mark 11.24). For the blessing comes by faith (Romans 4.16). The just shall live by faith (Romans 1.17). Are you not the righteousness of God (2 Corinthians 5.21)? Are you not my elect (Romans 8.33, Colossians 3.12, 1 Peter 2.9)? Then stand boldly and declare it.

Know that I have seen and heard your pleas. The courts of heaven have decided in your favor. Make room for the new, because your remaining time this year will be favorFULL (Psalm 5.12) and flavorFULL (Matthew 5.13-16).

FavorFULL. My FULL favor is coming to those who will accept it. I will not force it on anyone. However, there will be an abundance of it for those who are willing to receive it (Mark 11.24-25, Matthew 7.7, 18.19, 21.22). Ask me, and see what I'll do for you (Luke 11.13).

Be bold in your asking and in your believing, and it shall be done unto you. Let your faith become bolder. Don't you trust me? I have never failed. Ask so that your joy will be made full (John 16.24). Now, you've got to live in expectancy.

Look and anticipate what I told you that I'm going to do. Know that it is so. Allow the passing time to grow your faith. And praise me during your waiting (Romans 5.4-5). It is in your praises that blessings come forth and will be poured out in large measure. Sing your praises and they will reach my heavenly throne. Some of you will throw down kingdoms when you sing (Jeremiah 1.10).

Make room for the new, because your remaining time this year will be favorFULL (Psalm 5.12) and flavorFULL

FlavorFULL. You are to be an irritant to the enemy (Jeremiah 1.17-19, Luke 10.19) and a pleasant aroma to a stinking world (Matthew 5.13, 2 Corinthians 2.15). You are the bright colors of my glory, and my glory is with you forever more. There is much flavor and nuance in my glory, for I am not a dull god.

Your life is meant to be fun and FILLED with flavor (Proverbs 15.13, 17.22, Ecclesiastes 5.18-20, 8.15). Don't accept anything less. Anything and everything less is a cheap imitation of your full-flavored life.

Take the limits off of your beliefs and faith (Mark 9.23-24, Matthew 17.20, Romans 4.20-21). Begin dreaming again (Gen. 31.11, 40.5, Numbers 12.6, Joel 2.28).