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Prophetic Word for August 2019

Remember The Time

August will be a time of remembrance. A time to remember past victories and plan new ones. It’s a time to remember your strength in Me. Your remembrance is attached to My word. My word is attached to your spirit. Your spirit dwells and delights in Me. The filling of your spirit does not happen by chance. It happens because you ask and because I will it to be so. 

Ask for fresh fillings of My spirit this month. And don’t stop there! Ask, always. Day after day. I love to abide in you. When you come to Me, come in faith, nothing wavering (James 1.6), but having done all to stand and believe, you stand, therefore, and trust that My word and will towards you are good, and it is as good as done. 

Robust Growth

August is a month filled with robust growth. I know the economy is slowing down, but I’m speeding up. My programs and plans are not dependent upon any man’s hands or whims. Man’s fickle feelings are vulnerable and can be tainted. I am the Lord; I change not (Micah 3.6). Trust in Me. I have all power and authority (Matthew 28.18-20). 

The times and changing of seasons don’t mean the same things to Me as they do to you (Isaiah 57.15; Psalm 90.4; 2 Peter 3.8). I operate when I choose to. I’ve given you times and seasons, because you need a sense and source of measurement to trust my good will towards you. I live in a perpetual season of glory and wonderment. One day, you will, too. Even on this earth, but in a new form. A new way. A new hope. A new beginning. And it starts now. 

Beyond All Measure

August is the start of your beyond measure (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6Y91axwxfI Eph. 3.19), because I am calling you to higher things (Ephesians 4.1; Philippians 3.14; Revelation 4.1). Higher levels of authority and blessings. 

Intercessors, I need your voices to be heard NOW. Come out from behind the prayer veil, and speak what I have shown and told you. Many of you have been hiding, because of the fear of retribution. Let Me handle the consequences of your obedience (Isaiah 41.10-13; Nahum 1.7-8; Romans 8.33).  

Faith-walkers, what good is a walk of resolute faith, if you do not share with others what I’ve shown you and done for you and others (Mark 5.19)? Share the testimonies. Share the triumphs of faith. Share the perseverance. Share the ups and downs and ins and outs of faith. Share the faith journey. My people need encouragement and training.  

Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers, where are you in this hour? If you’re not equipping people, then you are failing at what you’re doing. 

All Bold Hands On Deck 

To all of My people, this is an all hands on deck moment. Where are you and where is your willingness to fight the good fight of faith? I know the times are treacherous (Ephesians 5.15-20), but take heart in My word, and the power and authority (Luke 10.19) that I have given you, even in your mouth (Proverbs 18.21, 21.23). This is a time to use your mouth and decree what I have established in you (Job 22.28).

The boldness I have given you was not given to you in vain (2 Timothy 1.6-7). So, why are you sitting on it? Rejoice, and know that I AM is with you and forever will be (John 14.16). Therefore, take heart in My directions and instructions, for they are meant to prosper you, and not to harm you (Jeremiah 29.11).  

Growth And Work 

Your robust growth resides in your heart. You’ve got to seek it in a deeper way. Ramp up your prayer time. Ramp up your fasting. Studying My word is crucial for your power. You want a Power Hour? Spend an hour powering up on My word! 

I’ve got jobs for you to do in August, so put on your work clothes and be worthy of your hire (Luke 10.7).

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