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Monthly Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word for September 2019

Promises Kept

The Father says, September is a time of promise. Promised joys. Promises kept. Promises that seem to be forgotten, have not been cast aside. Instead, they were being fulfilled in due time (Deut. 11.14). For if the rains fall out of season, what good are they? So it is with My promises to you. Your due season is now. 

This is a season of sowing and rapid reaping. A season to commit to memory, for its benefits will astound those who choose to see them. I’ve chosen to astound the masses by prospering you. You’ve waited in faith. Patiently. Pursuing My purposes and plans for your life. For your now. 

And now, it is reaping season. Be well pleased in advance. Raise the level of your expectations. Open the floodgates of prayer like a dam. Use your heavenly tongue to help you receive heavenly revelation. This is a time of revelatory (Jer. 33.3) abundance. In due season you will reap if you do not give up (Gal. 6.9). THIS is your due season, and you are due all that I’ve committed to you. Open your sack, and see it filled. 

Use your spiritual eyes to see spiritual things. For it is in the spirit that I will show you what is to come (John 16.13). You ask, but cannot see when I provide the answers you seek, because your sight is limited. You’ve been trained to see only in the natural realm and its natural elements. 

It’s time for you to eat meat and seek the deeper things (Mark 4.21-25) beyond your human sight. The insight My Spirit provides you will show you these things, and guide you into all of the truth (John 16.13). You must be willing to accept that there is more than meets your eyes. How can you expect but not believe? To receive, you must believe (Numbers 23.19; Titus 1.2) that I have come to give you life to the full (John 10.10) withholding nothing.


I also heard the following things: Expect your wisdom (James 1.5; Psalm 84.11) and foresight about financial matters to increase this month. This is also a replanning season. There are some holes and gaps in your year-end plans. Some updates need to be made. This will be critical to how your New Year, 2020, begins. Review your year-end plans, and ask God if they’re still valid (Proverbs 16.1, 3, 9; Psalm 37.5). 

This is also a time of staging. If you’ve ever bought or sold a house, you know that this is when you get the house ready to be shown and hopefully, sold. This is a time for you to stage the area(s) of your expectations and beliefs for what God has promised you. In other words, “get your house in order” (2 Kings 20.1-10) to receive what God has for you. Put all things in their proper place.