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Monthly Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word for June 2019: June’s Joy

June's joy. June will be celestial. Signs in the heavens of my glory for June. I'm removing the heaviness that has been holding onto people for too long. I'm replacing it with my peace (John 14.27; Philippians 4.7). 

June will be a time to see into the spirit (2 Kings 6.8-20). To see the deeper things you've been asking me for. They will be made manifest. So check your manifest (your journal or prayer book). I'm completing a cycle of 8's (2011-2019). Revisit your journal/prayer book from things you've written down in 2011. Eight years. Eight blessings (beatitudes sermon on the mount Matt. 5.3-10). The answers have come and I will fulfill them. 

The joy of June will make you jump like John in the womb (Luke 1.41-44).

May's increase will carry over into June. If you did not receive increase in any way during May, ask anew and you will see it and receive it in June (Matt. 7.7-12; 1 John 5.14-15). It is vitally important that you see it in the spirit first (Mark 11.23-24), then receive it. Get a vision for your vision. 

Get a vision of your provision. 

Blessings of restored spiritual and physical eyesight are coming in June. Restoration and renewal of spiritual and physical eyesight (2 kings 6.17).

May has crept into June, so like rollover minutes, claim May's blessings for June as well. 

You will see blessings in the heavens. 

Eric WattsComment