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Stop Finding Comfort In Misery

You've gotten a little too comfortable in that miserable position you've been in. You could break free and live the way you've always dreamed if you just... 

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You Got What You Wanted, But You Lost Everything You Had

That one's easy.  Slowly and methodically.  It's a syndrome.  It's called Greener Grass Syndrome (GGS) or GGS for short.  You traded in your self-respect, self-worth, and shoot, a part of yourself, because the Greener Grass was calling you.  Actually, it wasn't.  But how can I say this?  I'll make it plain.  You began to lust for Greener Grass.    

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At the Movies Pt. 2 - The Dark Knight

We'd all do well to endure when things look bleak and we'd like to quit.  When hope seems all but lost.  Yes, it's easier to run away.  Yes, it's easier to give up.  But there's no fun in that stuff!  Dear readers, we must learn to smile in the fire. 

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