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All The King's Men

What ya gonna do when they come for you?!

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He Asked Me About Change. And We Never Talked Again.

Can you make sense out of change?

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It's Time For You To Stop Abusing Yourself With Secret Failures

I know.  That sounds a bit silly, doesn't it?  Until you do it and it works.  And before you ask, yes, I've done it.  A few times.  You may have to do it more than once too.  Do it.  Your life is worth it.  You're worth it.  The people who love you and those you love, they're worth it.  Because you know its had an impact on and is impacting them too, right?

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3 Things To Do While You Wait

I know the importance of whisking yourself away from Thanksgiving dinner with your loved ones on Thursday night or getting in line at 3am to save $50 on a laptop.  What’s that?  The ad said they were practically giving them away? 

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