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Following The Flock

Often when we think about leadership, we think about being in charge. In our minds, we see the leader as the person who is literally out front. And that's cool. What if someone discovered your leadership and you weren't out front? Is it possible? Can leaders be found following?

I submit that the answer is yes, they can. Remember, before you lead, you must first learn how to follow and be a good follower. And leaders can also be "found following". Here's what I mean.

As I was reading Amos chapter 7 (which I encourage you to read, because the story is dope!) to learn more about plumblines (more dope stuff, by the way), I read these words, "Then the LORD took me as I followed the flock" Amos 7.15. Amos was following his flock of sheep / cattle and tending to them as he did so. I believe Amos tells us the follow part for the following reasons:

Because of how diligent he had to be with his flock, following after them and following up on them, so to speak, God knew Amos would be the same way as a prophet. He knew Amos would put the work in with God's people. He'd do the hard work of tending to, caring for, and delivering hard messages to the flock.

He would do it and could do it with humans, because he'd learned to do it with his herd. As humans are wont to do, they'd be disobedient (like his herd), but God knew that Amos would hold them accountable and handle them the way they needed to be handled. Just as he'd done with his herd. He'd watch over them. He'd correct them. He'd provide direction and guidance for them.

Moreover, Amos must have been a great herder / caretaker / gatherer, because the Lord saw his skills and said, "Yep, that's my man right there. The formally uneducated cat who has all the education and skills that he needs. Him I can use for greater things." If Amos had been formally educated, it's possible that all of his book learnin' may have gotten in the way of his calling. I know this is for somebody today.

God takes your skills and uses them for your good, to equip His people, and for His glory.

There's something you need to do today, but you don't wanna. It may seem like it's a menial task. Something that's beneath your skills, qualifications, education and background. I encourage you to do it anyway. 

I'm not asking you to do anything that I haven't done. I used to work in a distribution center folding boxes. Truly, a menial but necessary task for the business. I felt that it was beneath my skills, qualifications, education, background, value, and worth. It wasn't that I was high above folding boxes, insomuch as it was that I knew I had a bright future and it was greater and brighter than that. 

On my way to my brighter future, though I still needed to do something on my way there: Like following my flock. Or in my case, folding boxes.  

You're on your way to your brighter future too. There's still something that you need to do. I know it may be stinky and you have no desire to do it. Remember how and where God found Amos, though? Doing hard, not fun, stinky (literally in his case) strenuous work. He was working. Doing what he knew and needed to do. Just like you're going to. 

Here's your Wednesday WordTalk Wisdom: Sometimes, you just might want to be found following the flock

Speaking Life Into Your Existence™,

Eric James

Note: Thanks for reading my post! Here's an audio clip of my breakdown of Amos 7. Get ready, because you've never heard it taught like this. Well, unless you've heard the EJWV of the bible.

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