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What Have They Seen You Do?

You know, there's always someone watching you. Even right now, someone is watching you. Now, don't get all freaked out. This isn't a Rockwell video. I'm just saying that there are eyes on us all the time. Our kids. Our coworkers. Our business partners. Clients. Strangers. Someone's watching.

So that begs the question, why are they watching you? Or as I'm putting it to you today, What Have They Seen You Do? This is the question that was given to me as I read Acts 4. Peter and John were before the Sadducees and were threatened not to teach or preach or even say the name of Jesus. They said to Peter and John, "Now, look. We tellin' y'all to shut that mess up and don't be teachin' nobody 'bout Jesus or sayin' His name." (EJWBT) 

I really dig how Peter and John responded to this. They said, "Look, homey. Whether it's right to listen to God or to you? Y'all can figure that out! But for us though, we are merely speaking about what we've seen and heard." (EJWBT) In fact, in Acts 4.20, they put it even more strongly: "...we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard."

So the question for you today is this: with all of the people who have been and are watching you, What Have They Seen You Do? 

I hope that you've been giving them something good to report. If not, it's not too late.  Because you're building a now-legacy. 

Rockwell was right. Somebody is watching you. So make like Bonnie Raitt and give 'em Something To Talk About. Something good.

So when the question is asked, "What have they seen you do?", let there be a good report coming back. Even if they're hatin' (and they will), let them be hatin' on your success and winning.

So when the question is asked, you'll be able to say, "I don't know why they're hatin. All they've seen me do is win."

Speaking Life Into Your Existence™,

Eric James

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