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Career To Calling: Leap Into Your Life's Purpose

In 2014, Gallup reported that almost 70% of U.S. employees are not engaged at work. The late comedian George Carlin put it this way, “Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit.” Ouch! Unfortunately, both Gallup and Mr. Carlin, are mostly right about this way of “working.” I’ll go a step further and tell you that I used to be one the people Mr. Carlin describes.

I showed up on time. I dressed and looked like every bit of the banker that I was. I did the work. But I was not engaged. There are many reasons that people aren’t engaged at their jobs: Over-worked. Stifled creativity. Poor leadership. Unfulfilling work. And of course, underpaid. Some of those fit my story, but there was also something bigger. Well, there’s two things that plague many businesses in the U.S.

The first is that many people aren’t lined up with jobs that match their gifts and talents. Their jobs enable them to pay their bills, and other responsibilities, but that’s it. There’s no growth. No development. Not even a career. It’s a job.

The second thing is people have settled for having a career instead of pursuing their calling. Make no mistake, it’s great to have a well-defined career path. For some, like me, that was never the way it was supposed to go. Unlike many, I knew what some of my strongest gifts and talents were. They’re exactly what I do in my business now: speaking, teaching, and coaching. So how do you go from Career To Calling? 


1.    Determine your gifts and talents. This will take some work. Start with tests like D.I.S.C. and Strengths Finder 2.0. Also, go a little old school and ask friends, relatives, and colleagues what they think your talents are.

2.    Explore. Try different things. Volunteer to participate in different groups at your job, church, or community. This is a great way to help as you find out where you shine.

Bonus Tip: Another great way is to join a mastermind group. I recorded a quick video called, How A Mastermind Group Can Benefit You. I'll be talking more about what a mastermind group is and how you can - and should - join one and what it will do for your business and life. Be the first to be notified about the series debut when you click here to sign up for my newsletter.

3.     Tap Into Your Passion. What are you passionate? What makes you say, “There should be a change here.”? By answering these two questions in depth, you just may find your purpose and calling.

There are more steps to the process, but these three will get you started quickly! Because this is what I specialize in doing for people, I’d love the help you move from Career To Calling. Contact me today! I’ll walk with and help you as you leap into your life’s purpose!  

Note: The location of Biz Opp Network Columbus has changed. Please see updated information below. Also, we are no longer primarily a referral group. Our focus is helping business owners grow their business. However, the emphasis is now on group coaching and masterminding. 


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