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Fall Forward

Keep calm.  It's football season again.  If that's true, then I reckon the calm is over.  Calm, we hardly knew ye.  Ah, well.  Get to steppin', calm!  Because, it is FOOTBALL season!  Hope springs eternal for every team across the nation.  Yes, even the bad ones.  Cuz ya gotta have hope, right?

In the NFL, all teams are hopeful right now. Management and coaching staffs are hopeful that they'll win the Super Bowl.  Players are too.  Players are hopeful that training camp will soon be over.  Many players will tell you how much they hate it.  Some might even say they don't need it.  Coaches would disagree vehemently.  So do I.  

Because right now, they're perfecting things.  They're all getting ready for the future.  But there's a specific group of players I need you to focus on today: running backs.  Right now, running backs at every level of football are being reminded to keep their legs moving even as they're getting tackled.  To fight through tackles.  They're being reminded again and again: to keep their legs moving.  

They're being reminded to fight for that extra few inches that might mean the difference between getting a first down and scoring a touchdown.  They're being told, "Drive them legs!  Keep those legs movin'!"  They're being reminded to fall forward.

And that's what you must do.  You must fall forward into success.  But you can only do that if: you keep your legs moving.  

So you've got to ask: "Is it in me?"  "Do I have the passion to keep my legs moving?"  

You do if you want to score.  You do if you want to win.  You'll find the passion deep down inside of you.  It'll help you keep your legs moving, even after initial contact with doubt and fear.  Even after and in the midst of getting tackled by defeat.  It'll help you get back up again.

Whatever you're running after in your life.  Whatever you're running after in your business.  Whatever you're running after...

Keep them legs movin'!

And Fall Forward.

Speaking Life Into Your Existence™, 

Eric James


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