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Trust Me. I've Never Failed.

That sounds arrogant and cocky.  And it would be if it wasn't the truth.  It would be.  If it was about me.  But it's not.  So there!  See, now go ahead and apologize to me in the comments section, because you know you read that and thought, "Who does he think he is?!"  

To be fair, you also may have thought, "What creative and clever thing is Eric going to teach me today?!"  Or you may have said, "Hmmm...Sounds interesting.  What's this cat talkin' about?"

I know.  Those two statements pack quite a punch: Trust Me.  I've Never Failed.  They surely hit me square in the jaw when I heard them.  

About a week ago, is when it happened.  I was praying.  Talking some things out with God.  I said, "Lord, I've got some trouble around me and I could sure use Your help."  What's interesting about this is He didn't even let me get past the word trouble before He piped in and said, "Trust Me."  I literally LOL'd.  With a smile on my face I said, "It'd be nice if You'd let me finish sometimes."  

He tends to cut me off and answer before I can get all of whatever it is I'm going to say next out of my mouth.  Not all the time, but sometimes.  I reckon He knows I can be a bit long-winded every now and again.

After that, I said, "Sometimes, it's hard to trust You, Lord."  His response was pretty cool.  He said, "I've never failed."  That's it.  Conversation over.  

There's no comeback for that.  Even if you don't recognize when, where, and how He's answered you, believe me, He answered.  Even if, watch this, you didn't and still don't like His answer, He still answered you.  It's what He does.  It's who He is.

A faithful and true Father.

Today, if you're waiting on God and trusting Him to do what He said He'd do.  Trusting and believing that He keeps His promises, then pick your head up.  Dry your eyes.  Square your shoulders.  And know that, "...Not one word has failed of all His good promise." - 1 Kings 8.56

Trust Me.

Speaking Life Into Your Existence™,

Eric James

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