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I Choose To Refuse!

Today, I'm feeling a bit defiant.  But then, isn't that the story of every successful person?  Here's a hint: It is.

So today, I'm refusing a few things:

I REFUSE to settle for a settled-for life. 
I REFUSE to doubt myself. 
I REFUSE to doubt God and His absolutely Fantabulous plans for me and my life. 
I REFUSE to quit. 
I REFUSE to stand still. 
I REFUSE the notion that you know what's best for MY life. 
I REFUSE to live someone else's dreams. 
I REFUSE not to plan my goals with dates and targets. 
I REFUSE to live my life in the rear view mirror. 
I REFUSE to try to live on the mountaintop when I know that the real work and celebrations begin and are built in the valley.  

I REFUSE to live beneath my dreams just so I can live down to someone's lowered expectations of me. 

I REFUSE to doubt myself, my gifts, my talents and my abilities.

I REFUSE to lose.

I REFUSE to focus on negative things.

I REFUSE to live a safe existence.

I REFUSE to just survive.

I REFUSE to...



I don't know what you're refusing or need to refuse today, but do it.  It's time.

And by the way, more than I refuse?  



Speaking Life Into Your Existence,

Eric James

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