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Make 'em Regret It!

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Yep, I got you with the title, didn't I?  Good ol' fashioned revenge.  That's where your mind went.  Sorry, that's not quite what I meant.  

I'm talking about them.  You know 'em.  Those folk.  That person.  You can see 'em.  Smirk on their face.  Snickering.  Laughing.  Sneering.  You know 'em well.  In fact, y'all used to be really close.  It's him/her.  Mr./Ms. Doubt.

They're after you again.  And that's a good thing.  Because now you can show 'em.  Because you're ready.  You're ready to make 'em regret the times they doubted you.  You're finally ready to teach 'em a lesson.  And here's how you do it:


In spite of it all, you succeed like nobody's business.  Just as you have been.  Just as you're about to do.  Somebody's gotta do it.  Why not you?!

The more you succeed, the more you'll make 'em pay without having to make 'em pay.  So if you really, really, really, really, really wanna make 'em regret it, just keep succeeding.  How do you do that?

Keep fighting.  Keep working.  Keep believing.

Keep succeeding!

Eric WattsComment