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The List Of At least 21 Reasons Why I'm The Bestest Follow On Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and audioBoom. Seriously.

You're following movie stars and entertainers, famous athletes, comedians, ceo’s, and every manner of expert in your field and more.  You’re even following animals.  Don’t believe me? 


But thankfully, I’m here to set you free from all of your social media following ails.   No offense, @CatFoodBreath.  I think you’re hilarious.  Seriously.  But don’t tell Bruizer.

I’m the single, bestest follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and all other social media I’ve signed up for but forgot about and/or can’t remember my usernames or passwords for 'em.  Oh, and don’t act like I’m in this by myself.  You don’t remember what you’ve signed up for either.

But on with the show. 

Without further ado, here’s The List Of At least 21 Reasons Why I’m The Bestest Follow On Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and audioBoom (and maybe more).

1.    Because I say so.

2.    Because I just broke about 4,288 rules of blog title/subject line creation with the title of this post and I didn't flinch.

3.    My mom thinks I’m funny. No, she's not biased.

4.    My mom thinks I’m handsome too. No, she's not biased.

5.    I don’t “talk” too much on any of the aforementioned platforms.

6.    I use words like aforementioned, funkalicious, funktactiousness, and fantabulastical.

7.    I write/record/produce the best blog on the Internet.

8.     Apparently, I’m the @Prince3EG of blogs.

9.     Because if @Prince3EG sees, reads, and RTs my post, my life is made.

10.  I think I’m funny.

11.  I only Tweet, Post, etc., uplifting, encouraging stuff and interesting business-related stuff.

12.  I’m not a lawyer, but if you ever get in trouble, I can help you.

13.  I didn’t think I’d actually get to 21, but this is kind of easy.

14.  I’m not annoying. Well, of course I am to someone. But not you, because you like me. You really, really, really like me. 

15.  If you do think I’m annoying, that’s cool. Just mute me or unfollow. It’s cool. I still love ya!

16.  I dig promoting other folk and the cool stuff they do.

17.  I say the word stuff a lot. At least in this list.

18.  I’m an alum and huge fan of THE Ohio State University’s College Football Playoff Undisputed National Champion football team. O-H!

19.  I only tweet and post positive, funny, uplifting, and encouraging stuff (there it is again).

20.  Oh, I also RT things I find interesting and think you will too.

21.  I’m growing a garden for the first time in my life.

22.  You just might hear me sing on some of my audio blogs.

23.  We’re past 21 now.

24.  And you’re still reading.

25.  See, you do like me.

26.  I have fun on social media and try to help you do the same.

27.  I use words like bestest.

28.  If you talk to me, I’ll talk back.

29.  I can show you how to start a fire in your life. I’m talking a blazing wildfire, yo!

30.  I don’t create long lists for you to read. 

31.   Until today.

32.  You smiled or you're smiling.  You laughed or you're you're laughing.

33.  This is what happens when you follow me.

34.  Sign up for my blog and you'll see.

35.  Thank you.  All the best to you.  I appreciate you!

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