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Living Beneath Your Dreams

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Who said you can't?  Whoever it was, they were and are wrong.  Just because they couldn't doesn't mean that you can't.  That thing you've been called to do: why aren't you doing it?  Why have you settled?  Why on earth have you decided to live beneath your dreams?  Whatever the reasons, it's time to stop.

You're meant to soar on and with your dreams.  Not live beneath them.  Live beneath your means, because that's wise.  DO NOT live beneath your dreams!  That's wack!

There have been setbacks.  Obstacles.  Challenges.  Hard days.  Bad days.  Days and times that you wanted to quit.  Times when there was more month than money.  Times when it seemed that no one believed in you, let alone what you were doing.  Times where you felt alone.  And yet, here you are.  Moving.  Grooving.  Shaking.  Baking.  Building.  Creating.  Working.  Thriving.  Fighting.    

You're still here.  And as long as you're still here:  You've got a shot!  So come out from underneath them, and stand up for your dreams.  Fight for them!  If you don't, no one else can or will.  Later for the haters.  Tell them to take their Haterade and get to steppin'! 

You might need a few tools to help you stop living beneath your dreams:

Pickaxe - to chip away at the rubble that surrounds your dreams.
Shovel - to remove the dirt and debris around your buried dreams.
Ladder - to climb out of the pit(s) of your dreams.  

Some of you may need earth-moving equipment to come from underneath your dreams.  If that's you, contact me.  I'd love to help and show you how to excavate your dreams and speak life into your existence!  For the rest of you, of course you can contact me too! 

For all of you, a word of advice: Fight!

At all costs, you fight.  Chase your dreams.  Keep on pushin'.  Keep moving forward.  Keep fighting!  Remember what made your dream worth living for.  Worth fighting for.  And you fight! 


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