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The Most Dangerous Place in the World

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You're surrounded.  You could escape, but you might get caught.  It's too risky.  And you can't afford to take the risk.  After all, if you just sit tight and stay where you are, they'll come for you.  You're not sure who they are, but you're certain that they're on the way.  If you risk leaving now, what happens to your family?  How will they feel once you're gone?  You should take the risk.

Shouldn't you?  Your family would be proud of you.  You took a stand and informed your captors that you were unafraid.  To go ahead and do their worst.  Because it didn't matter.  Whatever they'd do to you couldn't compare to what would happen if you didn't try to break free.  Therefore, you must get out.  

You've been held captive for so long, you've developed and created a semblance of freedom.  There's no need to leave.  It ain't perfect, but it'll do.  Because it's too risky to make a break for it.  But what about your business?  Who's going to run it?  You rationalize and tell yourself that it's safe in the hands of your business partner(s) or spouse.  They've got it covered.  There.  Another reason to sit tight and wait.  Because they're coming for you.  Someone's coming to rescue you.

And when they do, you can dream again.  Bigger dreams.  New dreams.  Life-affirming dreams.  Dreams that will set your soul on fire!  It'll be truly splendiferous!  Except it won't.  You've been on cruise control.  Autopilot.  Sittin' on Easy St. in your E-Z Chair.  And you're trapped...

In the most dangerous place in the world: Your Comfort Zone.

This is the part where you let out shrill screams of terror.  Because your comfort zone is a terrifyingly familiar place.  It's creepy like an episode of The Twilight Zone.  The truth is, your comfort zone is as mendacious as it is macabre.  In fact, it is more so.  

It reels you in with false hopes of everything taking care of itself.  It dulls your senses to the attractive parts and pleasing results of hard work until you become, well, a dullard.  It makes you forget that you've been gasping for air and barely clinging to life for so long, that parts of you are already dead.

The supermax prison that is your ho...I mean, your comfort zone is pretty plush.  You know everything there.  You know everyone.  And you're the smartest cat in the room.  You've got everything you need.  Except you don't.  And you never will.  Unless...

You.  Break.  Free.  

I know it's a supermax and all and you don't let much get in, but here's the thing.  Everything you need to break out is inside of you.  God's given it to you.  Now, you ain't got to like that.  But that doesn't make it any less true.  He's already given you the keys and He's got more for you.  Just ask.  Not only do you have the keys that He's given you, He'll help you get out and break out if that's what it takes.

It's your time to step up, stand up, and stand out.  It's time to let that other part of you know that you ain't scared no mo'!  It's time for you to bust out of the most dangerous place in the world.  Will you?         

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