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Winning Ugly

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Have you ever watched a sporting event or stage play and the participants work was um, less than stellar?  For whatever reason, your normally reliable player or actress was off their game.  When that happens, it can be hard to watch.  It can be frustrating for you as an observer.  Imagine how they feel.  They're doing their best, but for some reason, on that day they just don't have it.  But they pressed on anyway and finished the game or their performance.  

I wonder if you've ever had an off day like I just described?  I have.  Whether it was sending out the wrong email multiple times to the wrong audience or the wrong time for a meeting 4 or 5 times, I've been there.  And believe me, I've been off my game way more than that.  When those things happen to you, you've got at least a few options:

 - Door Number 1: Beat yourself up about it.  I used to be great at this!  I've got the scars to prove it.  Newsflash for you.  It serves no purpose.  Don't do it.

-  Door Number 2: Allow others to beat you up about it.  Don't let this happen to you.  Own your mistakes, yes.  Let someone beat you down about them, NO.  Here's what you do...

-  Door Number 3: Make amends, fix it, learn from it, and move on.  This is your best option.  It's the only one that helps everyone and truly resolves the issue in its entirety.  

Give me door number 3! 

Sometimes, it's just about finishing.  And that's a win.  Because it's all you can do just to finish.  That is, it's going to take everything you've got just to close the deal.  It's going to be an ugly win, but it's a win.  Just like your favorite team/athlete or stage actress.  Like you, they're glad to escape with the win.

Depending on how ugly it was, there may not be anything to salvage from your ugly win.  You might just need to burn the tape and tell your team, family and friends, "We will speak no more of this day forever."  Forever ever.  Forever ever. 

As time passes, you may be able to use the experience to help someone else or you might even find something for yourself in your ugly win.  Either way, what you need to do to get there is simple: Keep on pushin'.  Keep movin' forward.  And...

Just win, baby!   

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