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Stop Admiring And Start Doing!

What do you admire?  Have you ever looked at a piece of art or architecture and deeply admired the work of the person who created it?  Or maybe it's web design for you.  Or fashion.  Maybe it's the professional athlete whom you admire.  The way they seem to effortlessly elevate their play and bodies.

Do it!

Regardless, there's something that someone does that you admire and maybe even inspires you. The craftsmanship.  The hard work.  The expertise and excellence.  You stand in awe of them while wondering how they did what they did to create such a thing of beauty.

And as soon as you decide to discover and do what you've been created to do, folk will admire and be in awe of what you do.

So do it.  Make a decision.  And do your it.  Do it afraid.  Do it unsure.  Just Do It.

Eric WattsComment