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Do Something!

Like the Bruno Mars song says, sometimes, you just don't feel like doing anything.  Some days, you shouldn't do anything.  You've got to take a day of rest.  I know, that's a four-letter word for some of you.  It used to be for me too.  Sometimes, it still is.  But, I've learned and I'm learning to rest.  You have to be careful with your rest.  Because sometimes, you may be resting too much.  You may rest when you should be working.  In fact, if you rest too much, you might find yourself falling into the laziness trap.

It's why you must have balance in your life.  Everyone needs it.  As an entrepreneur, I know I need it.  I have to make myself rest.  Because I have a deep passion for what I do.  Therefore, it doesn't feel like work most of the time.  So I'll work.  And work.  And work.  And work some more.  It's good to work.  It's great, even.  Just not all the time.  

                                                           Me resting in South Carolina.

                                                          Me resting in South Carolina.

But I'm talking about the days where you don't want to work.  The days that you wonder, "Why am I doing this?"  The days that you wonder whether or not you're equipped for this.  The days that you question your decision to leave your day job.  That is, was it the right decision?  I'm talking about the days that you feel like no one understands and you're in this all by yourself.  The days that you want to quit on your dreams.  The days that you question your passion and purpose.  

What do you do on those days?  Two words: Do something.  Even when you don't feel like it.  Do it anyway.  Sometimes all it takes to get your juices flowing is to do something.  Put your hand to the plow.  Your plow today would be your computer, tablet, microphone, pen/pencil, whiteboard, etc.  Or it could be an actual plow.  Shout out to my agrarian homies!

Regardless, you put your hands to work again.  Even when no one knows your name yet.  Even when it seems like there's every good, doggone reason to go back to those familiar and comfortable confines of your past, you put your hands to work.  Put your time, talents, gifts, and abilities to work.  Ask God for His help and allow Him to infuse you with His power.  Allow Him to re-energize and maybe even re-purpose you (that's for somebody today).

So when that do nothing feeling comes over you again (and it will), bookmark this post as a reminder to yourself that you've got dreams to remember.  And the only way to make them become reality and bring them to life is to DO SOMETHING!

Thanks for reading this.  I've gotta run.  I've got something to do.

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