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I Need You

Other than that other set of three words, I Love You, I Need You might be the most powerful, and yet disarming phrase that a human being can utter.  Clearly, we could also add, I See You to the list along with a host of others, but today, we'll focus on I Need You.

I need you.  Surely, someone has said this phrase to you.  And you've said it to someone.  What did it mean to you?  Did you mull over it?  Or did you just leap at the chance to be needed and help that person?  This could get real deep, but we won't take that deep dive into thoroughly examining who the phrase comes from.  That is, who's saying it to you and should you be wary.  Another time for that.

Today, I'll simply say this to you.  When someone says to you, "I need you", hear their heart.  Listen with yours.  Think about the times that you've had to say to someone, "I need you".  We humans don't like to need anyone.  We think we can go it alone.  Do it by ourselves.  All the time.  In truth, we cannot.  And often, we should not.    



So the next time someone says to you, "I need you", I want you to put yourself in their place.  Hear them.  Remind yourself how vulnerable and alone it can feel to say those words.  Remind yourself of the power of and in those words.  And then, go.  Go and be needed.  Go and do your best to help, love, uplift, encourage, stand with, fight with/for that person or those folk.  They need you.  

This is what I Need You to do.


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