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How Much Do You Have Left?

Recently, I was in Orlando, FL for The John Maxwell Team Training and Certification event.  It was a blast!  I learned A TON!  I met GREAT folk!  During the week that I was there, I was trained and learned from folk who are the top leaders in their fields: Ed DeCosta, Roddy Galbraith, and Christian Simpson.  There was even an appearance by the incomparable Les Brown!  Talk about dynamic!  What a great cast of experts!

And of course, there was was Dr. John C. Maxwell.  A truly knowledgeable and inspiring teacher and leader!  Folk were hanging on Dr. Maxwell's every word.  If you've ever seen him speak or teach, you understand why.  The man knows how to reach his audience.  In deep ways.  I'm telling you, folk were on fire!!!

But then, it was over.  Everyone had to return to their respective cities and countries.  Its been about two weeks since the end of the conference.  We've all gotten back to our normal lives.  As I was getting caught up on happenings in the sports world, I saw a headline that caught my eye.  It read, "Does He Have Anything Left?"  

Isn't that a great question?  As I read it and thought about it a bit more, I thought about my sisters and brothers in JMT.  I wondered how many of them have returned home and their fire has been doused?  How many of them have quit?  How many of them have allowed Satan to steal their joy, excitement, and new-found fire?  I wonder the same thing about you.

I wonder how much do you have left?  Have you bought into the lies that have told you that you're done?  That it's over for you.  Have you allowed the Enemy of your soul to steal your fire?   Have you quit?


If so, here's the plan for you.  Get back up.  Remind yourself why you started this journey.  Remind yourself what God says about you.  Who He says you are and what you can do.  About how you and God make a majority and that's all that matters.  Remind yourself why you believe.  

So the next time you hear a voice saying to you, "How much do you have left?"  You loudly and proudly say, "More than enough!  Because I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!"  Then take your fiery phrase and get back to building, creating, and living your dream!  

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