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Stop Finding Comfort In Misery

I was miserably comfortable. Or was it that I was comfortable in my misery? Either way, that was my existence. I wasn't speaking much life about anything much less into anyone's existence. All I'd known in my adult life was the comfortably confining, soft-cushioned, comforts of Corporate America. And I hated it. 

Because I never fit.  And yet, I stayed. Year after year. Until I knew it was time to go. No, they didn't fire me. No, there was no down-sizing. In fact, I'd reached a place where I was content to be where I was and doing my job. I was good to go. Truly and seriously. And that's when God interrupted my contentedness and said to me, "Eric, your time at Chase is up. It's time to go." And some time shortly after that, I left. 

This is no small feat. Not the fact that I left (which is pretty big in it's own ways), but the fact that I reached a place where I was content with things. That I was settled in. No, I hadn't settled insomuch as I'd learned to appreciate and respect where I was. I now know that I wasn't going to be released from my assignments there until I reached that point. 

So, what's this have to do with you? I'm glad you asked. Peep...

You're at a job in the corporate world or somewhere else and you're living in the luxurious lap of comfortable misery. You are miserably comfortable. Think of it like this: You know how you sit in a chair or on a crowded set of bleachers at a sporting event and you just can't seem to get positioned right or comfortable enough no matter what you do and how you move? Yep, that's called being miserably comfortable.

And that's how you're sitting right now. At an unfulfilling job. In unfulfilling relationships. Living out unfulfilling dreams. They're dreams in the worst way. They don't inspire you or lift you up. They don't encourage you. They don't provide you with any spark to start a fire. But you continue to stay there. Day after day. Year after year. But why?

It's not that easy, you say. I've got bills, you contend. I've got a family. I know. I get that. I've got that stuff too. So, you're right. It ain't easy. Did you know that your life ain't meant to be easy? Not only is it not supposed to be easy. It ain't supposed to be easy. Not if you're living to thrive. Not if you're purposely pursing your passion. Not if you're passionately pursuing your purpose. But you're still sitting there. Because you've got bills to pay. Because you'd rather live a life that's comfortably miserable.

Even though you know it's time for you to break free. If it isn't this day, this minute, right now, you know it's coming. You've already heard the call. You know the proverbial other shoe is going to drop any second. But there you sit. Shook. Scared to death. Scared to look.

I'm not telling you to leave today and never return. I am asking you to consider this: Are you really living? Or do you just exist? Are you doing what you dreamed you'd be doing? If you are, but you're still miserably comfortable, then you need to remember why you decided to ______________ in the first place.

Because you've got dreams to remember. Dreams that will push you out of your miserably comfortable, comfortably miserable position and existence. Dreams that no one else can fulfill and bring to life except you. 

I don't have magic elixirs for you. Or even red and blue pills. But I can help you put some structure and a winning plan around your dreams that will help you get clarity. Email me.

To help you get you started, I'm giving you a FREE gift! A copy of my series, How 2 Break Free...For Good. I will help you determine the steps you need to take break out of comfortable misery for good! Click here to download it.

It's time to throw up a peace sign to your old homey, Misery and say hello to your new bff, Uncomfortable (this is where growth and success live). You were created to live and dream out loud. So get busy livin'! 

Speaking Life Into Your Existence™,