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The Benefits of Being Unfit

When I was employed by Corporate America, I never really fit. In truth, I never really fit in many places. Even today. But don't feel sorry for me. I wasn't meant to fit or fit in. Neither are u. That'll be a bit of a different post for another time.

Today, what I'm saying is this. I'd come up with creative and clever subject lines for emails and wild titles for the projects I was working. I'd give 'em funky fresh names like "Hot Ta Def Diagrams", "Fa Sho Final Flowchart", "Meteoric Metrics, Maaaan!". I'd send them to my managers to review and they'd send them back to me...with changed names.

They didn't quite share my enthusiasm for my titles.  And unfortunately, my enthusiasm was rarely for the projects themselves, but instead, for the fun, catchy titles I'd come up with for them. In the corporate world, that stuff is largely frowned upon (not everywhere). Especially in big banking. Once I left big banking to make bigger bank (see what I did there), all of my misfitting was not only accepted, but also welcomed. By even the stodgiest of folk (sometimes).

My cleverness, silliness, and creativity was--and still is, thankfully--being welcomed and appreciated. But I had to get to where I needed to be (I'm not exactly talkin' about physical locations either) for that to happen. To where I was supposed to be. Until then, I was gonna continue to be "unfit".

Now, though? My unfittedness (let that creativity hit you one time!) is embraced and elicits laughter, smiles, and deep thinking (sometimes).

I reckon my message to you is this: Don't be fit. Don't get fit. Don't fit.

Even when it's where you're supposed to be.

If you don't fit (and you don't), let's talk. I help people just like you/me who aren't meant to fit. I help them get and stay unfit and stand out. I'd love to help you get unfit! Because that's where you'll find the most and your best success. Email me: ericj@wordtalkproductions.com and let's get unfit!

Speaking Life Into Your Existence™,


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