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One Way

"You want it to be one way.  But it's the other way."  Those words were uttered by the character Marlo Stanfield, played brilliantly and menacingly by Jamie Hector in the HBO Series The Wire.  Marlo says this to a security guard at a convenience store after the guard followed him out of the store.  He follows him out of the store, because Marlo brazenly put a few lollipops in his pocket and walks out without paying for them.  The security guard approaches with caution, because he knows that Marlo is not to be trifled with.  He confronts him about stealing the lollipops and that's when Marlo delivers the opening lines of this post.  One Way.  

There are some folk in our lives who only want it to be One Way.  No matter the issue.  It's going to be this way.  And you know what?  I agree with them.  I know what you're saying.  "Eric, are you ok?  One Way?  That doesn't sound like you, man."  Newsflash, friend.  It is me.  And it's One Way for me.  

There are some places I go where they don't want me to be me.  Man, they don't even want me.  They want me to hide or at the very least, duck and cover.  I told 'em, "Look, I'm unashamed.  So do what you have to, but this is who I am.  Just call me Mr. One Way."  They want me to conform.  To "fit".  I can't though.  I just can't.  I mean, why should I have to hide?  There are plenty of folk like me.  Just look around.  We're everywhere.  I know some folk would like to get rid of us.  Or at the very least they'd like us to shut up.  You know, be seen but not heard.  Consider ourselves fortunate that we're allowed to be here.  Let alone speak.  Naw, dawg.  That won't work for me.  Remember, I'm Mr. One Way.

Because I'm Mr. One Way, I've got to start the way I want to finish.  That's exactly what I've done.  From day one.  It's who I've been.  Who I am.  Conventional wisdom would have me wear a mask.  It'd have me covered up.  It'd limit what I can say and do.  It'd have me assimilate.  It'd tell me, "Man, if they see you, what you really look like, it could ruin your business."  Really?  I mean, really???  Tell you what.  If that's the way it has to be, to that I say, "I'm ya Huckleberry."  
I can still hear you.  Now you're saying, "Eric, are you sure?  Is this how you want it to be?"  In a word, "Yes."  So let me be clear.  I am Mr. One Way.  I'm starting the way I will finish.  If you want me, then you need to know who and what you're getting.  You're getting a man of honesty and integrity.  A man who is faithful.  A man who keeps his promises even unto his own hurt.  A forgiving man.  More importantly, I'm a forgiven man.  A man who is a follower of Jesus Christ.  That's right.  I said it yet again.  Just as you've seen it in other posts and you'll see it in more of them.  It's under and by His principles that I operate my businesses.  Most importantly, it's how I live my life.  It's under, through, and by His grace that I live and breathe.  That I have or produce and create anything of any value or worth.

I concur with my man Polycarp who said, "Eighty and six years have I served Him, and he never did me any injury; how then can I blaspheme my King and Savior?"  Y'all know I'm not 86, but you get the point.  I run with Jesus, because He runs with me.  He always has.  And just because I've got more of a platform now, I'm supposed to act like I don't know Him?  Chil' please!  Somebody done told you wrong!  I'll do no such thing!  I'll do the exact opposite.  

So there it is.  You can say, "Eric owns and operates his businesses under Christian principles."  You can say, "Eric is a Christian who runs businesses."  Both are correct.   Although those are two things, there's still only One Way.  Or you can simply say, "Eric is Mr. One Way."  And that's cool with me.

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