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At The Movies Pt. 3 - La Bamba

Dear Readers, how y'all doing today?  I know you're ready for part three of my At The Movies series, so let's get crackin'!  

With this movie quote, I'm gonna take y'all back.  What's that, ma'am?  "Eric, how far back are we going?"  Way back!  And for the song associated with it--those who know me best know that there's always a song--I'm taking you back even further!  Alright, now here we go.  

Character 1: "Do you always carry a guitar?"

Character 2: "It's my future."

Character 1: "Sure of yourself, aren't you?"

Character 2: "Yeah.  Aren't you?"

Any guesses on what movie this comes from?  "Walk The Line?"  No, but that's a great guess!  Anymore guesses?  No?  Ok.  I'll help you out a bit.  The title of the movie was also a hit single in 1958 and a #1 hit nearly years later in 1987.  Give up?  Alright, I'll tell you.  The movie is...  La Bamba!  Of course, that's also the song I mentioned earlier.  It tells the story of Richard Steven Valenzuela, who was best known as Ritchie Valens.  The movie tells the story of Ritchie, his family, and his rise to fame.  I dig flicks about singers and musicians, of which Ritchie was both.  Check it out if you haven't seen it.  Now let's move deeper into this week's topic.

The conversation above takes place between Ritchie and the love of his life, Donna Ludwig.  They're taking a stroll and as always, Ritchie has his guitar slung over his shoulder.  

Donna: "Sure of yourself, aren't you?"

Ritchie: "Yeah.  Aren't you?"

Wow.  His reply is golden.  Just think on it for a minute.  He's not being cocky or brash.  He's not being arrogant.  He's exuding confidence.  Supreme confidence.  In his skills.  In his future.  In himself.  It's simple, profound, and solid.  He's a self-aware and self-assured cat, daddy-o.  But here's the thing that you don't see.  His very strong and firm beliefs have deep roots.  You don't see how deeply he truly believes in himself.  However, if you read the statement again and think on it, you just might get it.

That's the kind of belief that you need to have.  Believe in yourself.  In spite of what you see or hear, believe in yourself.  Don't listen to That Stuff, Those Things, Them Folk.  Believe in yourself.  In your skills.  In your abilities.  In your talents.  In the work you've put in.  (Uh oh.  I just said something there.  Please don't miss it.).  In what God has put in you (Uh oh.  I just said something else.  Definitely don't miss that one!).  Believe.

Take some time.  Step away from things and build up your belief in you.  Be like Michael Jordan.  MJ said that he always wanted to be the one to take the last shot, because he always believed that it was going in.  I won't get all deep into sports analogies, but I'll say this.  You've got to be willing and ready to take the last shot, if you will, knowing and believing that it will go in.  And for the times that it doesn't, what do you do?  The next time there's an opportunity to take the last shot, shoot it.  Keep shooting.  By the way, you know another reason he wanted to take the last shot?  Because he'd put in the very hard work (some of y'all just ran away weeping) that helped ensure that he'd make the shot more often than not.  He prepared.  He practiced.  He got good.  I know that last one is bad grammar, but it needs to be said just like that, because that's what you need to do.  You need to get good.  When you do, that's when you'll begin to trust yourself to take the last shot.  It's when folk will call on you to take the last shot.  It's when you'll be trusted to do so.  

So the next time anyone says to you what Donna said to Ritchie, now you know how to reply.  And you'll know why you're replying that way.  Because you've put the hard work in.  Because you believe in you.  You'll know that even if you miss the last shot, you'll be back.  Ready to take the next last shot and all the others thereafter.  Because that's how you roll.  It's who you are.  Because you believe.      

And when you believe?  That's when you know that it's fire-startin' time!     

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