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At the Movies Pt. 1 - Gladiator


Good people.  My dear readers.  How are you?!  Doing well and feelin' fine?  Yes.  No.  Kind of?  Well, my aim today is to make you feel better, feel good, think better, think good, know better and know good.  Shoot, y'all might even want to do some good by the time I'm through!  Note: You should already be doing good all over the place.  Y'all know that.  Right?  Right.  Y'all also know that I love movies too.  Don't you?  Yep.  I thought so.  They're entertaining and fun.  They're thrilling.  Encouraging and uplifting.  Even sad.  They're also inspiring and have great messages.  Sometimes, God will use a movie or movie line to speak to you.  Can I get an amen?!  Thank you to my blonde-haired sista in the back!  Testify, my sista!  Oh, I didn't mean right now.  No, really.  Will you...  Yes.  I promise you can testify later.  I know.  It's tough to hold it in when you think about all that He's done for you.  I need you to try though.  Just for now.  Ok?  Cool.  Where were we, y'all?  Ahhh, that's right.  At the Movies.  Today's post will be a bit different than what you've read in the past.  I'm going to take a few of my favorite movie lines and expound on them and tell you what they mean to me.  I pray that they'll be a source of encouragement for you.

Note: Because so many folk love movies and movie quotes, and they're easy to digest and fun teaching tools, this is going to be a fun and awesome series!  Let's get it, y'all!

First up..."What we do in life echoes in eternity." - Maximus Decimus Meridius

Y'all know this one.  No?  Who's got the answer?  You.  Yes, ma'am.  I'm talking to you.  That's right!  The movie we're looking for is Gladiator.  I could do an entire series about the leadership lessons from that movie, let alone examining this one line.  In fact...  I'll say this much.  Keep the eyes of your inbox peeled!  What?  You didn't know your inbox could see?  Yep.  Sure can.  Mmm hmm.  Now, back to Maximus.  He's right, ya know.  Do you ever really, truly consider what you do?  Or do you just do anything?  Taking no regard for the impact of what you do.  Y'all know that what we do has lasting impacts on things, right?  On people.  I won't beat this one into the ground.  Just know a few things:

1. Do good.  When you do good or do good things, you will receive good/good things in return.  Doing good is it's own reward.  Don't believe me?  Try it.  Then come back and tell me how you felt after you did your good things.  No, I didn't say come and tell me the person or folk didn't say thank you.  Because if that's what you were in it for, you were doing good for all the wrong reasons.  And don't hit me with, "Well, folk should say thank you."  We know that.  Sometimes, they don't.  Sometimes, we don't.  Get over it.  All you can do is be your best.  You say thank you.  There are far more folk who appreciate it and will acknowledge it than those who don't and won't.

2. Be good.  At something.  You've got a skill.  A talent.  A gift.  Find out what those things are.  Explore.  Search.  Remember, you're a search engine.  And behind the scenes of you are algorithms.  Therefore, when you search yourself for your skills, talents, and gifts, there's going to be a return or returns on what's in you, what's put in you, and what you've put and allowed to enter into you.  So, be sure that only the right and good things enter into you.  Be vigilant about guarding your eyes, ears, and mind.  I know.   You can't keep thoughts from entering your mind, but here's what you can do.  Defenestrate them!  Evict them!  Choose not to allow them to linger in your mind or overpower you.

Also, and most importantly, be good to people.  Do I have to tell you why?  Good.  But y'all know I'm still going to give you something to chew on anyway.  

God blesses those who are persecuted for doing right. That's Matthew 5.10

Give and it will be given to you.  That's Luke 6.38.

A man reaps what he sows.  That's Galatians 6.7.

And know this.  You should be good to people just because.  So, don't think I'm saying that you should be good to people, because you expect to have good done unto you.  Nope.  Because if you know like I know, it doesn't quite happen like that all the time.  And that's all the more reason that we need to be good to each other.  Yep.  I know.  Deep.  Uh huh.  I just said something there.

3. Do more good.  Why?  Why not?  Stevie, tell 'em.


If love and peace you treasure...Oh, sorry y'all.  You caught me jammin'!

I'm back now.  I thought I was going to be able to wrap this up in just a few posts (and I may), but I feel a series comin' on.  A series, comin' on.  If you can the name song I just referenced (no, not the Stevie song), you win the grand prize!  Huh?  What is it?  It's reading the forthcoming posts, maaaan!  But...there may be an opportunity to win things in the future.  What kinds of things?  Good question.

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