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Tap Out To Tap In: WOOOOO!

The term tap out has become a popular phrase in recent years thanks to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).  If I may be a bit nostalgic here, the term tap out brings to mind the following: The DDT, The Rock Bottom, The Crippler Crossface, The Rock Bottom, The Camel Clutch, and of course, The Figure-Four Leg Lock.  Yes, I was a wrasslin' fan back in the day.  I told, y'all.  I'm deep.  Seriously, some of those finishing moves I just listed were used to make the person's opponent tap out by tapping the mat with their hand or flailing their arm(s) in submission.  Submission.  Giving in.  Often, they did just that.  They'd give in, because the pain was too much for them to handle.  It hurt too much.  Therefore, they had to tap out.  Also, if a wrassler (yes, I'm going to keep spelling it like this) was in a tag-team match (yes, I'm singing the song right now) and he was getting beat down, he could/would tap out and tag his partner--who was outside of the ring--to relieve/save him.  Then he'd climb or crawl out of the ring to recover and rest as his partner entered the ring.  Now, that'll teach.  Y'all remind me to write a post about that too.  For now, here's the point.

It's ok and dare I say good to "tap out."  There are some things we all need to tap out of.  Watch this: There are some folk whom we need to tap out and get away from.   Uh oh.  I just said something.  I'll move from that for now.  There are times which we simply must tap out.  The weight of whatever it is is too much for us to bear.  When we tap out, we get time to recover, re-energize, and refuel, just like the tag-team wrassler.  One of the key things there is we're tagging someone else to help us.  Someone to help us bear the weight.  The burden.  Sometimes, we need to lay down what I call "Every Heavy Thing", because sometimes, even the slightest things can be too heavy.  It's why we need the help and support of other folk, y'all.  We're not meant to do life alone.  So, whatever that situation is that you're dealing with, I've got a bit of advice for you. 


  1. Carry each other's burdens...(Gal. 6.2)
  2. Go to Jesus and He will give you rest (Matt. 11.28)

Sometimes, you have to tap out so you can tap in and win.  When you do, you'll get to say, "WOOOO!"  And that just may make it all worthwhile.