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Meet Eric

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Meet Eric!

Eric J. Watts is a coach, prophet, preacher, speaker, teacher, and business owner. He helps people discover their calling, God-given gift(s), and fine-tune their talents, and strengths. After 20 years of trying to connect the dots to find his calling, Eric is beginning to fully answer God’s call on his life. Now, he teaches other people how to do this - in far less time! - and be free!

Why I Do What I Do

Faith. Family. You. Those are the 3 primary reasons why I do what I do.

Faith - One day, as I was sitting in my mid-year review with my manager, the Lord said, “Eric, your time at Chase is up. It’s time to go.” So a few months later, I left and started a new journey. It was time to answer God’s call on my life. My faith has grown tremendously since then. Hopefully, I can challenge, and inspire you, and help you increase your faith, too.

Family - Now, I get to plan my day around my family, and not around work. 

You - I have the pleasure of helping you take steps toward making your dream a reality, by identifying your purpose and calling. I’m excited to begin helping you grow!


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Listen and subscribe to my Speak Life, and Lead™ podcast. Join me as we talk about faith, life, and leadership. You'll learn that I love Jesus, Leadership, Movies & Music (I quote movie lines and song lyrics a lot!), and I mix ‘em all together!

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It's Not Too Late For You!

Look at the date on the email in the pic below. See, my dream never died. It was just on pause! C'mon, somebody! If you've got a dream that's been on pause, It's Not Too Late For You! 

I am dedicated to helping you grow in your current role or helping you figure out what you want to be when you grow up.

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Thanks for reading this! We'd love to have you join me and our growing Community.

Eric J. Watts helps people make positive shifts in their lives and businesses through his Coaching, Teaching, Speaking, and The Leadership Game. He provides challenging-encouragement that helps individuals and organizations identify and clarify who they are, find their passion and fulfill their purpose. To learn more about Eric, read his bio below.